2017 Election Info

For the 2017 election there are 9 Board of Director candidates for 3 Board positions.

One of the three positions is elected (in effect appointed) solely by the Declarant. Wyndham is “electing” Geoff Richards this year.

One of the three positions is elected by owners other than the Declarant.

One of the three positions is elected by owners and Declarant.

For 2017 WM Owners, Inc. will be voting both votes associated with our “undirected” proxies for Myle Hammond.

As in past years, it is generally beneficial for owners to combine their voting power and vote for a single candidate. Since WorldMark does not have a primary election, we generally have three or more candidates competing for a Board position. This year we have eight candidates competing for two positions.

If owners randomly distribute their two votes among the eight candidates, we lose the ability to combine our voting power to elect a single, “best” candidate. Often there is more than one well qualified candidate. However, if we all independently decide who is “best” and randomly cast our votes among the eight candidates we are lessening the likelihood that our "best" candidate will be elected.

WM Owners, Inc. 2017 recommendation for proxy assignment and voting is here.

Thank you for assigning WM Owners, Inc. as your proxy holder.