Tired of Wyndham sales tactics?  Learn to say no.

Here is the advice from some of our fellow owners:





  • Just walk past the sales desk and don't pick up the parking pass. You absolutely do not need it.
  • If a sales person is persistent, just state that you are not interested & if they really require you to have a parking pass they can have it ready at the front desk next time - and keep walking. Don't argue with them - just keep walking.  It’s less stressful than arguing.
  • Practice saying no in front of a mirror 100 times per day and it will come naturally when you are asked to attend an owner update or educational session.

  • The post-stay survey is a helpful tool in making the resort manager more likely to push back against the sales team.

  • The last few questions in the post-stay survey are all about Wyndham and not the resort or the resort staff; consider giving low ratings to those questions.
  • Be informed about the resale value of the product that Wyndham is trying to sell you. There are numerous reputable resellers of WorldMark, The Club  recommended on the forum who can help you.  If you know what the product is worth on the open market, it helps when making a significant financial decision.