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We cannot depend on Wyndham to protect the interests of owners. Wyndham will continue to extract every penny possible out of WorldMark, regardless of the long term effect.

We cannot depend on Wyndham employees on our WorldMark Board to protect us; they would lose their jobs if they tried.

Of the five WorldMark Board members, one is currently a Wyndham executive and two others are previous Wyndham executives.  We can assume that all three are obligated to, or are greatly influenced by, Wyndham (think severance agreement, "golden handshake", or other financial arrangement).

Decisions by the Wyndham controlled Board of Directors are more protective of the interests of Wyndham, rather than the interests of WorldMark.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Elect an Independent Board of Directors free of influence from Wyndham.  This is not an easy task because most owners do not vote.  Of those that do, about half assign their proxies to WorldMark's Board of Directors bcause they don't know any better.  We must educate owners to stop assigning their proxy to WorldMark's Board.
  • Assign your proxy to WM Owners, Inc.  so that the voting power of thousands of owners is pooled and voted as a block.  If we all cast our own votes randomly among the numerous candidates, the likelihood of electing independent candidates is diminished. By not filling out the ballot form you are authorizig your proxy holder to cast your votes in the manner determined to be in the best interests of our club, in the opinion of the proxy holder. In this manner, the proxy holder can cast thousands of votes for a single candidate.  Many owners do not understand that their votes can be cast for a single candidate.
  • Do not dilute (split) your votes.   There are usually several independent candidates running for each open seat on the board. While we can't prevent that, nor should we want to, it is important that we not split our votes thereby allowing an incumbent to get re-elected using the Developer votes and BOD held proxies. The only way to prevent that is for owners to participate on the forum and all vote for the same candidates, or give our proxies to someone that will do so such as WM Owners, Inc.

  • Help spread the word anyway you can: let your firends know, post on facebook, talk to other owners in the hot tub, etc.  WorldMark's "owner-to-owner commuication policy" is overly restrictive, ineffective and does not apply to the Developer or WorldMark's Board. Each year Worldmark's Board  sends out numerous emails to all owners as well as adding pages to Destinations  attempting to convince owners that Wyndham's favored candidates are the best option.

  • Join other owners and band together to elect independent candidates -- candidates that have no past or current affiliation with Wyndham.