Assign Your Proxy

to WM Owners, Inc.

There are two ways to participate in the annual election of WorldMark, The Club's Board of Directors:

1. Vote in person at the annual meeting; or

2. Designate someone (by proxy assignment) to vote for you.



Unlike U. S. Federal and State elections, there is no primary or absentee voting in WorldMark, The Club's election process.  You must either vote in person during the annual meeting or, if you are not able to attend, you must designate (assign by proxy) someone to vote for you at the annual meeting.  This person is called a “proxy holder”.  Your proxy holder must be present at the annual meeting in order to cast your votes. 

All voting takes place during the annual meeting.  Only those in attendance (owners & their proxy holders) at the meeting are allowed to vote.  

Any owner of WorldMark, The Club or owner entity can be a proxy holder.  WM Owners, Inc. is in itself an owner and well known significant proxy holder for many years.  There are numerous proxy holders including WorldMark’s Board of Directors.  For reasons stated elsewhere on this site, we encourage you to assign your proxy to WM Owners, Inc.

DO NOT assign your proxy to WorldMark’s Board of Directors, which is majority controlled by Wyndham executives (current & retired). 

WorldMark implies that an owner has "voted" once a ballot form has been submitted.   This is misleading. All voting takes place at the annual meeting, not before, and not after. However, WorldMark has decided that an owner cannot change his/her ballot form once it has been submitted UNLESS you attend the annual meeting, request a new ballot form, and submit the new form at the meeting.  WM Owners, Inc. believes this policy wrongfully penalizes owners who do not attend the annual meeting. 

Owners not in attendance are prevented from changing their voting instructions by WorldMark policyFor those owners who do not attend the annual meeting, the ballot form is NOT really a "ballot". Rather, the ballot form constitutes the voting instructions of an owner to their proxy holder.  The proxy holder is obligated to cast the owner's votes AT THE ANNUAL MEETING in accordance with instructions provided by the owner on the form. 

There is no reasonable explanation for preventing owners from changing their instructions to their proxy holder up until close of the ballot box at the annual meeting.  Often owners learn new information about the candidates or ballot issues after they have submitted voting instructions (i.e.the ballot form) to their proxy holder.  However, WorldMark policy does not allow an owner to change his/her ballot (voting instructions) once submitted.