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Nordic/Alpine skiing near WM Resorts-Last Updated 12/09/2012

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The purpose of this section is to post info and tips on Nordic and Alpine skiing near Worldmark resorts.

Did you know?

Ever wonder where the snowiest town was in the USA, not mountain, but town? It's Serene Lakes CA which has an average yealy snowfall of 436
inches of snow per year. It's located adj to Norden CA near the Sugar Bowl Ski area.

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 PostPosted: Thu 28 Aug 2008 11:38 am   
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Check out Mountain Webcams real time

Loveland Colorado ... _cams.aspx

A Basin ... -cams.aspx


Winter park Cam (70 miles from Estes Park colorado ) ... idated.htm


Silver Mountain ID (Near WM Couer D'Alene) ... e=Web_Cams

Brundage Mountain (WM McCall)


Park City - Ski Town USA ... ion=winter

Deer Valley ... ather.html

Powder Mountain Utah

Mt Bachelor



Spooner Lake XC (WM Southshore)

Mt. Rose (WM Reno)

Stevens Pass WA ... -cams.aspx

Mission Ridge WA ... b_cam.html

Crystal Mountain

Taos NM

Red River New Mexico ... in/webcams

Snow Summit CA

Brianhead (WM St George)

Sunrise Ski Park AZ

Top Of Tram PS/Indio XC Skiing

West Yellowstone Electric Peak


Lake Louise (WM Canmore)

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 PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep 2008 7:59 am   
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Here is a link to Nordic areas with groomed trails near Southshore.

Also there is a great place 18 miles South of the resort which is the Luther pass Meadow. You take 89 South from the "Y" to Luthur Pass Elevation 7800 FT. There is free parking (along the road), no sno-park permit required, and no charge for trail use. All trails are cut by other skiers.

The trails listed here have no trail fee, just sno-park fee ($5 a day) ... hore.shtml

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Leavenworth has groomed trails right out the back door. The trails lead you to downtown along the river. :D

WM=Kihei, Seaside, Gleneden, Mariner Village, Orlando, Ocean Walk, Lake Chelan, St George, Las Vegas, Birch Bay, Indio, Camlin, Leavenworth, Yellowstone, Arrow Point, Kapaa, Eagle Crest, Midway, McCall, Coral Baja, Cascade Lodge, Canadian, Elysian, Oceanside, Mission Valley, Balboa Park, Kona, Windsor, L.V. Spencer St, 7th Mtn, Reno: other=Bay Club, Summit Watch, Grand Oasis, Marriott Kauai, Camelback resort, Paradise Beach Villas, Bavarro Princess, Club Cala de Palmas, Pend Oreille Shores, Copamarina Beach Resort, Whistler Town Plaza, Kona Coast, Wavecrest at Del Mar, Grand Mayan N.V., WYN Mauna Loa, Kings Land

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Links to Road conditions OR, AZ, NV, CA, and Utah

Other States inc the above:

Ski Report Links/Resort info

Online ski magazine

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 PostPosted: Wed 03 Sep 2008 8:52 pm   
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Where To Get Discount Lift Tickets

All Types of activities Inc. Theme parks. Discounts take up to 12 hours to reach your email box after purchase. No Membership required.

Free Tahoe lift Ticket with purchase of tahoe card ... ck_check=1

You cannot buy discount lift tickets at the resorts! But one company in town has an agreement with all of Utah's Ski Resorts and they are Canyon Sports. You simply go there and buy them at the discounted price, that's it! Nothing else to buy, no pint of blood to leave. Sure they're hoping you will buy some of their other products and services while you are there, and many people do, but, its not necessary if you just want to buy cheap lift tickets.

Heavenly Valley right at the Worldmark Front Desk (not much of a discount & WYN makes a fair amount of $$)

More Info for Discounts in other states

Tahoe Ski Deals (inc learn to ski for $25) ... ing%20Here

Learn to ski & ride weekends $35 Sierra at Tahoe ... b3402894_1

ALSO - New Story about LiftopiaLiftopia Raises Another $1 Million

The site launched back in 2006, but initially saw slow growth due to industry skepticism. Since then things have been picking up — by last spring the site had grown to include around 65 resort partners, and Liftopia will have over 120 in time for this season.

Among the new resorts to sign on this year:

Whistler/Blackcomb, BC
Killington, VT
Mammoth, CA
Winter Park, CO
Copper Mountain, CO
Stowe, VT

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 PostPosted: Fri 05 Sep 2008 6:23 am   
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In Big Bear Lake the winter weather can be balmy despite being a mountain resort area. The resort level (6,800 Ft ) is often bare of snow.
There are cleared trails designed for ski touring at higher elevations
which often hold snow into late April.

There is a 4 mile (one way) ski touring trail which starts at Onyx summit on Hwy 38 about 10 miles from the resort. Onyx Summit is 8550 Ft and there is plenty of parking adj to the road. The trail proceeds to 9,200 feet where you will find communication towers. It is marked with a green circle indicating novices can ski it. Also a wide gental trail with an elevation of 7500 to 8200 feet starts at Club View Drive adj to the Bear Mountain Ski area. Club view is no longer plowed approx one mile beyond the ski area. It leads you toward the back side of Snow summit.

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IN LA buy equiptment up to 80% off

In Washington
Ski Wear Liquidation
421 S Fork Ave SW Ste 1-I
North Bend, WA 98045

SKI & SNOWB0ARD LIQUIDATION New & Used. Large Selection. Must Sell! 516-779-4974
Posted: Sunday Oct 19 Location: Melville, NY Price ($): Description:
SKI & SNOWB0ARD LIQUIDATION New & Used. Large Selection. Must Sell! 516-779-4974

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Skiing terms, definitions and ski slang - skiology
Here are a few skiing terms, ski definitions, skiing slang and sayings so you don't feel out of place in the snow. I am sure there are loads more but this is all we have heard of.

AFD - This stands for Anti-friction Device and is a small pad located behind the toe-side piece of your ski bindings
Angulation - arcing the body at the hip, knee and ankle joints to achieve a higher degree of ski edge
ATS - American Teaching System. Developed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), as a teaching/ learning system
Avalanche - Caused when huge masses of snow slide down a slope. This can be seriously dangerous
Balancing - Maintaining a given posture while standing still or moving
Basket - A round and usually flat disc located near tip of the ski pole
Base - The bottom of the mountain where the lodge is situated, or the average depth of snow on a mountain
Bumps - Another term for Moguls (see below)
Cants - Devices to change the orientation of the legs relative to the skis. Put a ski more (or less) on edge
Carving - Making turns on the ski or snowboard with the edges cutting into the hill
Extreme carving - As it says taking carving to the extreme. Sliding down a piste linking and lying all the turns.
[more information]
Counter-rotation - Simultaneous rotation of the upper body and legs in opposite directions
Crud - This is a type of snow with uneven surface and lumps of soft powder-like snow and slippery patches
[more information]
Cruising - Making a long run at less than breakneck speed
DIN settings - Deutsche Industrie Normen. An internationally agreed scale to ensure that ski bindings worldwide release under the same force
Edge - Metal strip found at the bottom corners of ski's
Edge angle - Angle of the ski relative to the snow's surface
Fall line - The straightest and steepest line down any slope
Flex adjustment - To change the amount of resistance to the forward movement of your ankle
Flexion - Opposite of extension. Movement resulting in the bending of a leg joint
Frostbite - Occurring when parts of the body are exposed to extreme cold for a period of time [more information]
Gaper - A skier who pauses to take in the scenery
Garland - A series of "fake" turns
Gondola - Also called cabine lift, this is the largest and most comfortable lift
Grass skiing - Skiing on grass. A year round discipline done on grassy slopes using special equipment
[more information]
Heli-skiing - Off-trail skiing reached by helicopter
Herringbone - Technique of moving upwards. Named after the marks left by the skis when this technique is used
Hypothermia - A life - threatening condition where the body temperature of the person drops dramatically below normal [more information]
Matching skis - When skis are brought parallel or facing in the same direction
Milk run - The first run of the day
Moguls - Mounds of snow, both natural and skier made, dotting ungroomed runs [more information]
Parallel skiing - Skiing the the skis parallel. Skis can be either together or apart
Powder - Light, ungroomed snow [more information]
Prerelease - A term used when your skis come off earlier than expected
Pressure control - To adjust the pressure between the skis and the snow
Roller skiing - A year round ski discipline. This is done by skiers to continue training in the off season
[more information]
Shaped skis - Skis characterised by 'hourglass' shapes. Skis designed to turn
Sidecut radius - The measurement of how deeply or shallowly the ski's cut is from the nose of the ski to the Waist
Side-slipping - A slipping motion straight down the flow line with your skis pointed across the hill
Ski jumping - A term which means flying as far and as smooth as possible with your skis on for maximum lift
Sliding - Skis moving along its length
Slush - Usually this is snow that is starting to melt gradually becoming wetter [more information]
Steering - Changing the direction of the skis
Stem christie - A turn which is completed by skidding on both uphill edges
Traversing - Continuously moving in a direction across the flow line
Zoozoo2 - only the coolest organic cotton t-shirts for skiers in the world

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 PostPosted: Wed 01 Oct 2008 4:43 am   
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Location: Profile photo: Colorado City AZ near Worldmark St George UT ... stination/

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 PostPosted: Wed 18 Feb 2009 8:00 pm   

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If you fly in from out of state, any of the 3 Park City resorts will give you a free lift ticket for the same day. IE only the date on the airline ticket. Good way to get a spare day out of the deal.

I've done it a lot and it is easy.... But I fly free :D

 PostPosted: Tue 03 Mar 2009 4:49 am   
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About 30 miles West of the Running Y on Hwy 140, Lake of the Woods Highway, there is a Sno-Park called summit where you can find some good novice track skiing. Here are a few pictures from today.





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Utah Ski Resorts Bundle-up with Improvements for the 2009-10 Winter SeasonWhat's New at Utah Resorts for the 2009-10 Winter Season08.31.2009 – SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- In a time when consumers demand value and convenience, Utah’s 13 ski resorts consistently offer unparalleled access, quality and bountiful amounts of The Greatest Snow on Earth. Salt Lake City International Airport was recently ranked number one in the nation for having the most on-time flights according to data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Salt Lake International is located within an hour drive of 11 of the state’s ski and snowboard resorts enabling many visitors to maximize their time by skiing the same day they arrive.

In an effort to boost tourism and better serve visitors, Utah legislators made the most significant change to the state’s liquor laws in 40 years. Utah bars are now open to the general public and the state's previous private club system, which required customers to fill out an application and pay a fee for the right to enter a bar, has been eliminated. The state’s resorts have celebrated the change by sprucing up their amenities, products and services for the 2009-10 winter season. Snow is just around the corner and Utah’s resorts have bundled-up with a variety of improvements sure to please their guests.

Alta’s popular Albion Basin Day Lodge has been remodeled to better accommodate guests.

Beaver Mountain has added a new conveyor lift to better access the Resort’s beginner terrain.

Customers who purchase 10 gallons of gas or more at select gas stations in Southern Utah will receive a coupon offering 50 percent off mid-week skiing at Utah's only southern resort.

The new Dakota Mountain Lodge & Golden Door Spa, Waldorf Astoria Collection’s first ski-in, ski-out property, will accommodate guests at The Canyons Resort starting this season. The lodge features 175 guest rooms and suites, elegant amenities, custom furnishings and gourmet kitchens. Guests will also be able to dine at its sumptuous Spruce Restaurant.

Deer Valley Resort has expanded its services to include a new property management division that will assure the Deer Valley difference from the moment guests check-in. In addition, the St. Regis Deer Crest Resort will provide a new lodging option for Deer Valley guests. The St. Regis features 181 guest rooms, including 67 suites, luxury amenities, a ski beach and infinity pool. The Reméde Spa will enable guests to refresh with signature treatments after a day on the slopes.

Park City Mountain Resort makes family winter vacation planning easy by offering several interactive planning tools on including the recently launched Snowmamas; a blog written by moms providing insider tips for planning a winter ski vacation, and the new itinerary planner; designed to allow individual users to create the perfect trip to Park City.

On the mountain, Park City has enhanced its downhill experience with two new Kids Adventure Trails designed specifically for the Kids Signature 5 program, as well as additional terrain enhancements off Crescent Ridge to allow greater usability for all levels of skiers and riders.

New Sunset Safari guided snowcat tours will take Powder Mountain guests to mountain peaks with unobstructed views of Ogden Valley, the Wasatch Mountains and beyond to the Unita Mountain Range. Tours culminate with alfresco dining while watching the sun set over the Wasatch Mountains. On the return trip, moonlight turns the snow covered slopes into a shimmering wonderland adding a romantic touch to the adventure.

Snowbasin will add over 20 new features to their terrain park offering the perfect level of thrill for everyone in the family. The resort will also host the 2010 Dew Tour Jan. 15-17 where top freeskiers and snowboarders will compete in slopestyle and superpipe events.

Path to Paradise and the unloading area of Mineral Basin Express have been regraded to improve skier transportation.

Solitude Mountain Resort has begun installation on Powderhorn II, a $1.5 million improvement to the Resort’s lift infrastructure. A replacement of the original Powderhorn double, a holdover from its mid-70s installation - albeit with an improved lift line - comes on the heels of last winter’s $7 million investment in two, new high-speed detachable lifts.

Powderhorn II will start from the bottom of Sunshine Bowl, travel above the Concord ski run, and end in the same location as the original Powderhorn Lift. The move to a mid-mountain starting point allows expert snowriders to make continuous laps on the upper mountain – from Diamond Lane to Sunshine Bowl – without the need to return to the base area via beginner runs. Visitors will enjoy a seven minute lift ride on the new lift, as opposed to twelve minutes on the old double. Honeycomb Canyon will still be conveniently accessed from the top of this lift.

Sundance lights up the night with new night skiing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 4:30-9 p.m. Then check out the Owl Bar, which features the restored 1890’s bar once frequented by Butch Cassidy’s Hole in the Wall Gang.

Wolf Creek Utah will enhance their beginner experience by expanding both rental operations and ski school. In addition to improving the rental process, the Mountain Learning Center is announcing a "price-roll back." Class lessons are being offered at a 25 percent discount.

For more information on Ski Utah or Utah’s 13 ski and snowboard resorts visit

For media information, contact Ski Utah Director of Communications Jessica Kunzer at 801.433.2016 or by email at

Ski Utah is the marketing firm owned and operated by the 13 statewide ski resorts that make up the Utah Ski and Snowboard Association. The organization has been creating brand awareness of and demand for the Utah wintersports product since its inception in 1978.

Sierra resorts ready for promising ski season
By Bob Goligoski

Updated: 11/15/2009 05:14:57 AM PST

A new chairlift accesses the Judah Bowl area at Sugar Bowl, opening up about 200... ( Grant Barta )«12345»Remember the El Niño weather phenomenon of 2005 that blasted through the Sierra, burying Kirkwood in 756 inches of snow and Sierra-at-Tahoe in 650 inches? Get ready for a possible repeat performance.

The Western Weather Group recently reported that after almost four years of "La Niña conditions, it appears the equatorial Pacific is transitioning into a prolonged, possibly moderately strong El Niño heading into later 2009 and early 2010."

Early signs are promising. At least three Sierra resorts — Mammoth, Mt. Rose and Boreal — were open intermittently with limited operations in October and early November when snow blanketed the slopes. Sinking temperatures allowed Heavenly, which has the largest snow-making system on the West Coast, to begin making snow Oct. 26.

Most Sierra ski resorts plan to open around Nov. 20, weather conditions permitting.

Resort owners are optimistic because of the weather forecasts and a recovering economy, said Bob Roberts, executive director of the California Ski Industry Association, which represents 27 resorts in the Sierra.

"These early, light snowfalls," he added, "have helped already to set up a nice base on the slopes. The number of visits to the resorts was down for last season, but that was largely due to the fact we had virtually no snow in January. The economy was not the big factor."

Sierra resorts recorded 6.7 million skier-snowboarder visits last winter, down from 7.2 million the previous year. Nationally, year-to-year numbers dropped from a record 60.1 million to 57 million visits.

Skiers and riders can expect to find lift ticket prices unchanged from last season at most resorts. Roberts said that many resorts also have unveiled new discount deals, most available on the resorts' Web sites.

The biggest change on the Sierra landscape this season is the new ski-in ski-out, 170-room Ritz Carlton Highlands Hotel located mid-mountain on the slopes at Northstar-at-Tahoe. The $300 million resort development, which bills itself as "Lake Tahoe's first luxury resort," is slated to open Dec. 9. It includes a 17,000-square-foot spa and fitness center along with Manzanita, the hotel's signature restaurant. A new eight-passenger gondola was built during the summer to connect the hotel and the base village at Northstar.

Northstar-at-Tahoe is one of nine Sierra resorts offering a low-cost "learn to ski or ride" program Dec. 12-13. The $25 deal includes a group lesson, beginner lift ticket and rental equipment. The other resorts are Alpine Meadows, Boreal, Diamond Peak, Granlibakken, Homewood, Mt. Rose, Squaw Valley and Sugar Bowl.

There are plenty of new and different features at the various Sierra resorts this season, too. Here's a look at some. (Lift ticket prices listed are for general admission on nonholiday weekends.)

Alpine Meadows: No more struggling to dig out your lift ticket each time you board a lift. Tickets are embedded with a tiny circuit that is read automatically each time you board. Snowboarders will find numerous terrain park features, incorporated into several trails on the upper mountain. Also new this season are private gourmet dinners in a mid-mountain restaurant where guests arrive via a snow cat. Weekend general lift ticket: $69.

Badger Pass: Although there are no major improvements for this season, many skiers and riders probably are unaware that this Yosemite Valley area has quietly grown into a four-chairlift complex with 10 runs cascading down 800 feet of vertical. Lift ticket: $42.

Bear Valley: The resort has expanded the terrain beyond the groomed runs by 400 acres, all accessed by snow cat. Bear Valley also has added a new thrill to its terrain parks for snowboarders: a partially buried 40-foot school bus on the slopes, so riders can perform their tricks on it. Lift ticket: $59.

Boreal: This Donner Summit playground has expanded terrain in the Lost Dutchman area and developed more terrain park features for snowboarders. Music on the slopes will be louder and clearer with a new stereo system. And the resort has added so many new lights to brighten the slopes at night that it is urging guests to bring their sunglasses for the nocturnal activity. Lift ticket: $47.

Diamond Peak: The Incline Village ski area made major improvements to its snow-making system, which will allow it to more quickly cover runs and trails with man-made snow. Lift ticket: $49.

Dodge Ridge: Dodge will host the first California Senior Winter Games, March 4—7. The games, open to anyone 50 and older, are expected to attract hundreds of athletes for four days of competition, featuring downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoe races. Lift ticket: $59.

Donner Ski Ranch: A new magic carpet surface lift was added, to be used mostly by guests learning how to snowboard and for a new tubing lane. Several new features also were built in the terrain park to make it more attractive for intermediate riders. These include a partially buried propane tank and a 25-foot-long log upon which riders can perform their tricks. Lift ticket: $40.

Heavenly: The lakeside resort has a large, new four-lane tubing hill accessed by a covered magic carpet surface lift. The long tubing hill stretches 450 feet down East Peak with a 65-foot vertical drop. The Pinnacles trails now feature wider trails and fewer obstacles. The addition of more snow guns means Heavenly can cover extra terrain. Heavenly also is offering Adventure Sessions for intermediate and advance skiers that provide more individualized lessons without the expense of private lessons ($119 per person). Lift ticket: TBD.

Homewood: Children enrolled in ski and snowboard programs will be outfitted with GPS tracking devices so that their location can be tracked at all times. Alpine Meadows, Homewood's sister resort, also will use the GPS system. They are the first resorts on the West Coast to use the new technology. Lift ticket: $55.

Kirkwood: This high-altitude snowboarder's haven added a new terrain park. The resort now has six parks. New terrain features have been incorporated into several of the parks. Included are a 35-foot, three-tier step rail and another rail shaped like a rainbow. Lift ticket: $74.

Mammoth: Direct, daily commercial air service between the Bay Area and the Mammoth airport starts Dec. 17 when Horizon Air launches 55-minute flights from the San Jose airport. A new run, which spirals down more than a mile, has been cut on the lower slopes to allow skiers and riders to slide down from the slopes to the village at Mammoth. Dubbed the Village Ski Back Trail, it eliminates downloading on a gondola. Lift ticket: $87.

Mt. Rose: The Reno area resort built a large, glass and steel day lodge named the Slide Lodge. Located on the "locals" side of Mt. Rose, the lodge includes a cafe and a large deck overlooking the Washoe Valley and Washoe Lake 4,000 feet below. Lift ticket: $65.

Northstar-at-Tahoe: In addition to the new gondola, the resort replaced the small Bear Paw chairlift with a quad chairlift to get more guests up the mountain quicker. A new ski trail provides access from the soon-to-open Ritz-Carlton hotel. More snow-making has been added, and the resort has doubled the size of its novice teaching area. Lift ticket: $79.

Sierra-at-Tahoe: Free backcountry tours into Huckleberry Canyon will be offered Fridays (conditions permitting) for expert skiers and riders. A new backcountry and telemark center has opened, offering telemark and splitboard rentals, avalanche beacons, probes and shovels and telemark lessons. A $35 skier-rider beginner package includes a lift ticket, rental equipment and a 2½-hour lesson. It is valid for guests 13 and older and available Sunday through Friday during nonholiday periods. Lift ticket: $69.

Squaw Valley: A new triple chairlift replaces the aging double chairlift at High Camp. Squaw Valley, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this season with a variety of special events, is in the midst of a $3 million upgrade project (scheduled for completion in December) for two on-mountain restaurants — the ARC at Gold Coast and 39˚ North Latitude. Snow-making has been expanded to cover more terrain. Lift ticket: $83.

Sugar Bowl: During the summer, Sugar Bowl erected a new chairlift accessing Judah Bowl. The quad chairlift opens up about 200 more acres of single and double diamond terrain and will deposit skiers and riders at the summit of expansive backcountry terrain beyond the resort's boundary. The resort is debuting a new Backcountry Adventure Center, where guests can learn many of the skills needed to safely enjoy this terrain. Lift ticket: $66.

Alpine Meadows:; 800-441-4423.
Badger Pass:
pass.aspx; 801-559-4884.
Bear Valley:; 209-753-2301.
Boreal:; 530-426-3666.
Diamond Peak:; 877-468-4397.
Dodge Ridge:; 209-965-3474.
Donner Ski Ranch:; 530-426-3635.
Heavenly:; 775-586-7000.
Homewood:; 530-525-2992.
Kirkwood: www.; 209-258-6000.
Mammoth:; 800-626-6684.
Mt. ROSE:; 800-754-7673.
Northstar-at-Tahoe:; 800-466-6784.
Sierra-at-Tahoe:; 530-659-7453
Squaw Valley:; 530-583-6955.
Sugar Bowl:; 530-426-9000.

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July 9, 2009

SAM Magazine—Bend, Ore., July 9, 2009—Mt. Bachelor has introduced innovative, season-long, conditions-based pricing for single day tickets for 2009-10. The area has also released its season pass programs, including a payment plan to spread payments over several months, along with a guide that points out the most appropriate pass and day-ticket choices for different types of users.

The sliding-scale, single-day, nonholiday ticket price takes into account the amount of lift serviced terrain available and weather factors such as visibility, wind, precipitation and temperature and will correspondingly cost $49, $59, or $69. The methodology that will set the daily ticket price is posted at

“Mt. Bachelor receives some of the best quality and deepest snow accumulation in the country, but we also wrestle with days of lower visibility, winds and rime,” said Dave Rathbun, president and general manager. “This new program will allow us to charge a fair price for the skiing and riding available on a given day.”

That fair-price concept extends to other new options. A new 12-day non-holiday pass ($399) targets local and regional guests. This option ($33.25 a day, assuming use of all 12 days) suits frequent skiers and riders who take a few weekend trips per year, the area said.

The new non-transferable, photo ID Club Card ($29) entitles cardholders to load their cards with pre-purchased daily lift tickets for $49 non-holidays, $59 on holidays. This product offers maximum flexibility and savings for skiers and riders who may be unsure about how many days they are likely to visit. When they do, Club Card holders bypass the lift ticket window and go straight to the lifts.

Through Sept. 30, Mt. Bachelor season passes are available at pre-season rates (mostly the same as the previous year). Through Aug. 15, guests have the option of paying in installments: $49 per pass by the August deadline, and two equal, automatic installments, 50 percent of the balance on Sept. 15, and the remaining balance on Nov. 15. “We are sensitive to the economic conditions, and the pass payment plan is just another way we are trying to make it easier for our guests to manage their pass purchase,” said Rathbun.

“We aim to empower our guests with the information to make the best possible decision for their individual skiing and riding lifestyles,” he concluded.

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